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Beast Sound Off On The Best Moments of the 2015-16 Season

Photo By: Robyn Iwaskiw / Brampton Beast

With the Beast's 2015-16 ECHL season at its end, the boys reflect on the year that was. It was a year of memorable moments. From first goals to professional debuts, big comebacks and new friends, here are a few of the Beast players and coaches’ most memorable moments of the 2015-16 season.



#4 - Tim Billingsley

My most memorable moment of the year would have to be the big comeback win against Reading on December 27th. We were down by four with ten minutes to go in the third period and we ended up coming back and winning in overtime. That felt pretty good. I remember thinking on the bench ‘Things aren’t looking good’. Coach Chaulk kept saying to stay with it, then things just started working. I remember seeing the looks on the other team’s faces. They weren’t too happy.



#26 - Jordan Henry 

I think to be named captain of a team is obviously a big honour. No matter what level, what team and what point you are at in your career, it’s a big thing to be a captain of a team. That moment was a big thrill for me and definitely a personal high for this season. Coach Chaulk called me into the office and I just thought he wanted to chat, because I’m in and out of there all the time and having conversations with him. He gave me a rundown of how we thought the rest of the year was going to go and he asked if it was alright with me, he would name me the captain for the rest of the season. Obviously I jumped at the chance. Anytime you get that opportunity, you’re definitely going to take it.



#9 - Steven Kaunisto

My most memorable moment would have to be scoring the overtime winner against Reading back on January 22nd. It was one of those plays where the guys were able to get me the puck in overtime and I actually laid into a shot and picked the corner that I was trying for. That being the game-winner in overtime was definitely a proud moment of mine this year.



#27 - Luc-Olivier Blain

I think for myself, my most memorable moment was playing the first game with my brother Jeremie in Manchester on Opening Day on October 16th. That was really special. My dad drove all the way there to see our first time playing together. As well, personally, scoring my first goal against Manchester on November 6th was a big moment for me. It was a broken play in the neutral zone and Mike Vernace made a nice deke and passed it back door and I just tapped it in. It was my first goal in the league and my dad was there to witness it, so that made it a pretty special moment.



#18 - Mike Vernace

For me, playing here in Brampton where I played my junior hockey is something I’m truly grateful for. As well, getting the chance to play with my brother Daniel was really important to me. That’s number one. Getting to have our family come and watch us play together on the same team, that’s something we have always wanted to do. That’s at the top of the list.



Head Coach Colin Chaulk

I think for me, personally, my first win as a pro Head Coach was a big moment. I felt like there were a few games earlier in the season against Wheeling and Toledo where we should have won. That first pro win and first home win was big for me personally and for the team. We came back and I remember Chris Auger scored a big breakaway goal in a 5-2 win over Toledo on November 1st. After the game, the boys gave me the puck and it still sits on the window ledge here in my office. Teamwise, I feel we really turned the corner on two occasions. One was the 6-5 come-from-behind win against Reading on December 27th. We were really outplaying them and outchancing them. Another moment too, also against Reading, was in the middle of that snowstorm in late January. We got stuck there but we still ended up winning both games on January 22nd and 25th. Those were big wins for us and are memories that will stay with me for a long time.




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