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Beast Mobile App


The Brampton Beast Mobile App is avaliable for FREE from the AppStoreButton.pngandGPlayButton.png

Create an account by logging in through Facebook or your email address.

In addition to Beast Rewards, the app also includes:
•   Notifications and Alerts
•   News Feed containing team news, photos & videos
•   Interact Feed containing the Beasts social media accounts
•   Team Summary/Stats, Roster, League Standings, and Schedule
•   Tickets, and Merchandise
•   Venue Information (Map, Directions & Parking, and Seating) 



Beast Rewards is a new program that rewards the best fans in the ECHL!

Getting Started

Start earning points by connecting the app to your e-mail or Facebook upon opening the app. To track points, win awards, and gain access to exclusive content, an account must be created. 

Codes and Accumulating Points

Throughout the season, we will provide codes that can be redeemed for a specific number of points.

Codes can be acquired from attending games, attending Beast events, downloading the app, buying merchandise, and checking our website and following us on social media.
•   Codes will be shown on the video board several times throughout the game. Be sure to type the code into the game as soon as you see it!
•   At designated community and sponsor events, get your code by finding a Beast representative.
•   Inside the app, on social media, and on the website, there will be codes periodically given.


To enter a code, visit the "My Rewards" tab at the bottom of the app's main menu. Tap "Enter Code" at the top of the screen and type the code into box before pressing "Submit." 
Throughout the season, we’ll continue to add point-earning activities!


Prizes and Point Redemption

As codes are entered, fans will accrue points to receive discounts on specific Merchandise items. A full list of prizes and their point costs can be found in the app under “My Rewards.”
Once fans have earned enough points for a prize, redeeming points is simple: head to the merchandise stand in the Powerade Center during a game. After arrival, visit the "My Rewards" tab at the bottom of the app's main menu and tap "Rewards" at the top of the page. Tap "View" beside the prize that will be redeemed. Show the Beast representative the app and he or she will enter a redemption code before handing over prizes! The number of points used to redeem the prize will be subtracted from the total number of points the fan has earned.
Start off with 50 points by typing in the code: BEASTAPP50

Hint: Be sure to scroll down in the app “News” feed for already existing codes!