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Boomer Appearances

Have you met Boomer the Beast?  If not, this is your chance!

Boomer is the team’s loveable and talented mascot who loves getting to know his fans.  Apart from game days at the Powerade Centre, Boomer travels city to city to meet new friends.  

All Boomer requests must follow the following requirements:
- The appearance must only compliment or benefit an event and/or its guests
- A private change room with adequate space must be provided for Boomer 
- Requests cannot fall under a Brampton Beast home game
- Organizations must provide a minimum of two weeks to be considered
- Requests are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed 
- We are unable to accommodate private events (i.e. birthday parties) due to overwhelming requests 
- All fields of the Boomer Appearance Request Form must be filled
All request forms will be reviewed and considered.  While we value and appreciate all requests, only selected recipients will be contacted. 
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Are you able to provide a handler if necessary? (must be an adult)

Are you able to provide a change room?